Opinion | Fight Vaccine Hesitancy With Mandates?

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To the Editor:

Re “Biden Resists Call to Support Vaccine Edicts” (front page, July 7):

Have we forgotten the concept of public health? Taking an action because it is the right thing to do, for the health of the community, the country, the world. More people vaccinated will definitely save lives. Why are we talking about individuals having the right to make a choice that seriously affects the health of all?

Believing that all it will take is further coaxing is dangerous, even delusional. There has already been plenty of time to reach out, to educate and to persuade. There is much President Biden can do. Easy start: Mandate that members of the military be vaccinated. And why not require all federal workers to be vaccinated? And incentivize states and private companies to require vaccination.

That it is considered acceptable to weigh political fallout versus saving lives is reprehensible.

Melinda Hansen
San Diego
The writer is a retired nurse.

To the Editor:

Here’s what I thought would happen with the Covid-19 pandemic, as a child of the polio era. I thought everyone would see the wisdom of wearing masks. As soon as scientists developed a safe vaccine, I thought people would line up to get it. I thought politicians would put aside partisanship and come together under the banner of American pride to support the vaccination effort and to laud those whose remarkable work made it available.

Was I was worried about the vaccine? Yes. It hadn’t been tested on people like me with long Covid, but I got the shot anyway. The last thing I wanted was to be responsible for one person going through what I’ve experienced for the last 15 months.

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