Opinion | Trump’s Frivolous Lawsuits

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To the Editor:

Re “Consternation in Law Firms Filing Suits for Trump” (news article, Nov. 10):

So the lawyers at Jones Day are raising concerns about the “propriety and wisdom” of representing President Trump in his baseless suits asserting election fraud. Here’s a suggestion: How about telling the president that his lawsuits are frivolous, that he is wasting the court’s time, and that he should grow up, show some dignity and congratulate President-elect Joe Biden, who won fair and square?

Mr. Trump wore out his welcome long ago, and his lawyers should not prolong the agony he has put the country through. Attorneys, take a stand and do the right thing, please!

Madeline MacMillan
South Bend, Ind.

‘Cool Your Heels, A.O.C.’

To the Editor:

Re “Some House Democrats Were ‘Sitting Ducks’” (news article, Nov. 9):

For everything there is a season. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comments in support of the progressive agenda, on the day that Joe Biden became our president-elect, are not only tone deaf but also a threat to exactly that: the progressive agenda.

Two Senate seats in Georgia are going to a runoff, determining which party holds the Senate majority. How does A.O.C. imagine that any progressive legislation will pass without a Democratic majority? If there was ever a time for pragmatic action, it is in these next two months.

Cool your heels, A.O.C., and be mindful of the long term.

Susan Teicher
Urbana, Ill.

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