“Beauty For Future” Forum Addresses Sustainable Change at Oriental Beauty Valley 2020 International Cosmetics Conference

WWD Beauty Inc China, Huayun Culture Media, and Meiya, one of China’s top beauty MCNs teamed up with this year’s Oriental Beauty Valley 2020 International Cosmetics Conference, which took place on Nov. 14 and 15 in Shanghai’s Fengxian District’s Oriental Beauty Valley and gathered representatives of the international and local beauty industry to share their thoughts and insights for the industry’s future.

Set at the recently opened The Nine Tree Art Center, the conference, themed “Sharing the Beautiful World with All,” featured five sub-forums focusing on sustainability, technological innovation, technology and art, and the post-pandemic cosmetics industry with company representatives and government officials sharing their knowledge both online and offline on the latest policies, technologies, and industry trends. A digital cloud beauty industry exhibition using VR technology featured over 50 local and international companies, all based at the Oriental Beauty Valley.

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WWD Beauty Inc China in partnership with Meiya organized one of the sub-forums dedicated to the industry’s sustainability challenges and opportunities, another milestone for the “Beauty for Future” focus launched by WWD Beauty Inc China earlier this year. Featuring eight keynote presentations and two round table discussions the forum covered a wide range of topics, from the beauty industry’s social responsibility to how to create a sustainable narrative in a fast-changing media environment engaging the sustainability-conscious consumer.

Charles Kao, President of Amorepacific China Courtesy of OBVIC.

Hosted by Johannes Neubacher, WWD China Co-Founder Content, and Lena Yang, WWD China Co-Founder Strategy, the forum invited nine industry representatives and communication experts to share how they are ready to take action and lead their brands, and consequently the industry, towards a more sustainable future.

Charles Kao, President of Amorepacific China, showed how his group’s sustainability efforts in China are strongly driven by local insights, taking into account China’s social and environmental challenges. Guilhem Souche, Managing Director of Coty China focused on the driving power of the Gen Z consumer, who’s buying decision factors are more and more driven by sustainability. Lily Zhou, Chief Operating Officer Greater China of LVMH’s beauty retailer Sephora, shared her experiences in the sustainable transformation of offline stores and how hot issues like environmentally friendly packaging are addressed. Crystal Cai, General Manager of Bloomage Biotech’s Innovation Division Tianduo Brand shared her company’s high-tech approach in extracting ingredients from natural resources. Sun Fuchun, Co-Founder and Vice President of Forest Cabin, a Shanghai-based skin-care brand best known for its camellia oil, focused on transparency and traceability sharing Forest Cabin’s efforts to be able in control of of the entire supply chain.

Crystal Cai, Bloomage Biotech; Sun Fuchun, Forest Cabin, Tony Liu, Quantum Cloud, Akie Feng, Tencent. Courtesy of OBVIC.

David Dong, CEO of launching Bulgaria Damascus Rose China, shared a business model of international cooperation and technological innovation by setting up a venture with Bulgaria’s famous rose oil industry.  And Fiona Zhao, China General Manager of Japanese health and cosmetic device developer MTG shared her group’s sustainable philosophy. The forum was rounded up by Akie Feng, Account Director of Tencent Marketing Solutions FMCG department who shared how to engage the sustainable-conscious consumer through innovative digital storytelling. The round table discussion was joined by communication expert Tony Liu, Meiya CEO and Partner of Quantum Cloud.

Oriental Beauty Valley was launched in 2015 and has rapidly developed into one of the leading industry clusters, helping companies to explore both domestic and international markets and becoming an ideal option for foreign companies keen to enter the Chinese market.

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