Three mobile operators now plan return to charges for EU roaming

UK mobile operator Three has revealed plans to bring back roaming charges for new and upgrading customers when they travel in the EU, following similar moves by rivals Vodafone and EE.

Roaming charges were abolished in the European Union in 2017 but the benefit was not protected in the Brexit agreement Britain signed with the bloc.

All three companies had said, in advance of Brexit, that they had no plans to reintroduce them.

But a Three spokesperson confirmed on Thursday: “From 23 May 2022 customers who have taken out a new contract or upgraded with Three from 1 October 2021 will pay a charge of £2 pounds per day when roaming within the EU”.

“Pay as you go customers and customers who have taken out a contract before 1 October 2021 are unaffected by these changes.

“Customers roaming in the Republic of Ireland are also unaffected.”

Market leader EE – owned by BT – was the first to break ranks with an announcement in June.

Vodafone followed last month.

02 is the last of the ‘big four’ operators to reveal whether it plans to introduce roaming charges, which companies say reflect additional costs to them while a phone is being used abroad.

It did, however, introduce a fair usage data cap on UK customers in mainland Europe from August.

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