Top Workplaces 2020: Booyah Advertising cuts through the digital clutter

Booyah Advertising does more than just help businesses sell their products online. The Denver agency is really in the problem-solving business.

“We relish the challenge that digital presents and thrive most when we’re solving problems for our clients,” says Aubree Cross, Booyah head of marketing.

With its team of 70-plus experts, Booyah builds and optimizes ad campaigns for Google, Facebook and Amazon. It also helps businesses navigate policy and determine the most effective options.

“Digital is a more complicated, fragmented, difficult-to-understand landscape than it’s ever been,” Cross says. “That’s where we are at our best and offer the most value to brands. Through the pandemic, we’ve been in a position to leverage our problem-solving skills and attitude to aid clients in one of their most intense times of need.”

Although Booyah works in TV and print advertising, the agency’s focus is digital.

“In short, digital sells itself. The spreadsheet does the selling and showcases all the evidence of digital’s impact on brands’ businesses. You pay $1 for a click, and you can be confident that the click a) actually happened, and b) led to some further action (or at least visitation) on your website,” Cross says. “We also love that, because of its inherent trackability, there’s nothing subjective about digital. The data is the data. Performance in traditional media relies so much on subjective tastes or whether someone likes the aesthetic of the TV or print ad. Digital is the most addressable, defensible, trackable, best media there is, especially now, in the face of historical digital consumption as more and more consumers stay home.”

Booyah offers an appealing work environment and doesn’t have trouble recruiting employees.

“It’s so easy to bring people to Colorado. As soon as they buy a house, we know we have them forever,” Cross says.

The agency is committed to training and offers a robust benefits package.

“We have dedicated director-level experts in each of the digital disciplines (search, display, social, organic, Amazon, etc.) whose role is to train and facilitate the growth of our employees. Through in-depth onboarding, regular training sessions, and easy access to reps at Google, Facebook, etc., our employees are set on a path for rapid learning and growth,” Cross says.

Company benefits include no-cost medical insurance options, free parking, and subsidized meal cards from local eateries, plus unlimited paid time off after the first year, flexible working hours, quarterly team events, and a dog-friendly office.

The company also holds an annual Shark Tank-type competition where anyone at the agency can pitch ideas for helping clients or improving the company culture. And Booyah likes to make sure it also has fun with events like an annual ski day, a yearly Rockies baseball outing, Halloween and winter holiday parties, an annual agency kickball tournament, and quarterly team outings like go-kart racing.

Booyah also rewards loyalty with anniversary gifts. For example, after five years with the company, the award is a vacation, complete with air travel and hotel credits, as well as a stipend for meals and activities.

No. 1

Booyah Advertising

Years named: 1

Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Denver

Employees: 71, with 70 in Colorado

Locations: 1 in Colorado

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