Weekly Money FM Podcasts: Twitter study finds rise of 'shoppertainment'

Weekly Money FM Podcasts (Dec 7)

Twitter study finds the rise of ‘shoppertainment’ (featuring Mr Arvinder Gujral, managing director, South-east Asia, Twitter)

Investing in index funds (featuring Mr Christopher Tan, chief executive of Providend)

Impact of obstructive sleep apnoea on cardiovascular health (featuring Dr Reginald Liew, senior consultant cardiologist, Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre at Gleneagles)

Trendlines and NHG partner to develop innovative healthcare solutions (featuring Mr Eric Loh, chief executive of Trendlines Medical Singapore and associate professor Tan Cher Heng, partnership liaison, Centre for Medical Technologies and Innovations, National Healthcare Group)

Making homes more intelligent and convenient (featuring Mr Franklin Tang, chief executive of Habitap)

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