‘Absolutely fuming!’ Lifelong Labour voter warns party made ‘biggest mistake ever’ in vote

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The Government’s proposals for a new coronavirus tiered system post-lockdown have been passed in the House of Commons following a vote this week. The Labour Party abstained as per instructions from leader Sir Keir Starmer, who had expressed reservations about the level of support available for areas in high tiers. However, the move has prompted a furious reaction from his own membership with one voter, Shaun from Consett, calling LBC’s Iain Dale over “wrong” choice.

Shaun said: “Where do I start? I am absolutely fuming. This is the biggest mistake Labour’s ever done, I’ve been a Labour supporter all my life.

“They could have kicked the Tories into oblivion tonight

“But what happened? They abstained. That’s wrong, they shouldn’t do.

“I do not support Labour if they’re not voting. I think it’s a joke.”

He continued: “Keir Starmer, I’m sorry mate, but you’re wrong here. We could have got the Tory scum.

“This has got nothing to do with pubs. Where’s the proof that pubs spread the virus?”

Mr Dale interjected that it was “common sense” and that anybody could “work that one out”.

He said: “It’s quite logical to think that if people are in a pub, where they are inevitably closer together, then you’re more likely to spread the disease there.”

However, Shaun insisted that it could be avoided through hand washing and social distancing.

He shot back: “I’ve done it! I just don’t understand Labour.

“They’ve done the wrong thing, we could have kicked the Tories into oblivion.”

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The House of Commons voted by 291 votes to 78 – a Government majority of 213 – for the new restrictions.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn defied the party whip and voted against the measures.

Shaun praised him for the move: “I honestly think he’s right.

“The whole lot of them should have done it.

“Why should I waste my vote if they’re going to go with the Tories? I don’t want them to go near the Tories.”

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