Anna Soubry says voters ‘should be disgusted by Boris following disastrous by-election

Anna Soubry says voters ‘should be disgusted' with Johnson

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Former Conservative minister Anna Soubry issued a damning takedown of the Prime Minister, claiming that “tens and tens of thousands of decent Conservative voters” in the North Shropshire by-election were so infuriated by his conduct. Boris Johnson’s handling of recent scandals in Downing Street is believed to have been at the root of voters either turning to the Liberal Democrats or not voting at all.

The Liberal Democrats overturned a majority of almost 23,000 to win by nearly 6,000 votes, replacing the disgraced former Conservative MP Owen Paterson with Helen Morgan.

But responding to an interview Mr Johnson gave to Sky News’ Sam Coated following the defeat, Anna Soubry said she was unsurprised of the result given Mr Johnson’s attitude displayed in the interview.

She said: “If that doesn’t persuade people that we have the worst Prime Minister in some of the worst times ever, I don’t know what will!”

“We have a by-election in a very safe Conservative seat, which the LibDem’s didn’t just win, they won handsomely!”

She added how voters are “disgusted frankly by this Prime Minister” and that Mr Johnson’s interview “absolutely shows why they should and are disgusted”.

Ms Soubry branded Mr Johnson as “a clown in charge” and “an absolute disgrace” as she drove the knife further into the Prime Minister’s character amid the humiliating defeat in North Shropshire.

She added how “the sooner he is gone, the better”.

Mr Johnson said he has to accept the voters’ verdict in the former safe Tory seat and that he understands “people’s frustrations” currently. While told Sam Coates that he accepts “personal responsibility”.

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