Anna Soubry sparks backlash after wading back into EU row – Blame everything on Brexit!

Nicola Sturgeon launches blistering Brexit attack

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The former Tory MP responded to reports that the furniture chain was “facing product shortages due to Brexit and lorry driver shortages” last night. Without referencing the temporary shortage benefitting some ordinary British workers by raising their wages, the so-called liberal claimed it was proof of Brexit “lies”.

The ardent Remainer – who lost her seat to her former party in 2019 after defecting to create the europhile Change UK group – tweeted: “#Brexit was built on lies.”

Shortages of lorry drivers have been blamed on many foreign drivers going home after the transition period ended in January.

Unable to tap into this endless supply of cheap labour, some firms have offered vastly increased wages to tempt British workers.

It is hoped that this will address the shortfall.

Ms Soubry made no mention of this in her latest broadside – which quickly sparked a reaction on social media.

One critic replied: “It’s amazing how Brexit caused a global shortage of lorry drivers. #BlameEverythingOnBrexit.”

Another wrote: “Personally I’m prepared to pay the price i.e. a few pence more on food to ensure fair wages for lorry drivers.”

A third said: “Isn’t there a Europe-wide shortage of lorry drivers? Damn Brexit for causing a shortage of truck drivers in the USA.”

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However, she did have her supporters, who praised the outspoken Remainer for continually harping on about Brexit.

One supporter said: “Yes, there is a driver shortage across the world, but nowhere else (has) suffered a catastrophic drop in supply in such a short time.

“Going from full shelves to empty shelves once EU drivers faced restrictions points to correlation and causation; Brexit caused the current shortage.”

A second chipped in: “And now we are all paying the price for Brexit voters. No lorry drivers shortage of workers in the factories.

“It’s all going to have a knock on effect, this is just the beginning.”

IKEA said the problems were being caused by a “perfect storm of issues”, with Covid, Brexit and driver shortages all playing a part.

It said it was affecting around 10 percent of its product range.

“In addition, we are seeing higher customer demand as more people are spending more time at home,” a spokesman said.

As a result, the chain was currently experiencing “low availability in some of our ranges, including mattresses”.

It added: “We hope this will reduce as the situation improves in the coming weeks and months.”

It is the latest big firm to face shortages, with Wetherspoons, KFC and Nando’s all having supply chain issues in recent weeks.

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