BBC Question Time: Audience slam ‘awful behaviour’ of Labour and Tory MSPs in Holyrood

Sturgeon discusses future of country at the Scottish Parliament

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The man was objecting to the practice of Labour and Tory MSPs walking out of the chamber when SNP ministers were speaking. The man’s comments were met with a round of applause from the Scottish audience at St Andrews.

The man described the walk-outs as “an act of physical contempt”.

He said: “Every time you watch parliament, whenever the SNP stand up the Tories and Labour all walk out.

“As a Scotsman can you feel anything other than contempt?

“It’s just awful behaviour.

“They don’t even have the decency for the front bench people to stay and listen.

“I know it might bore them to death.”

Presenter Fiona Bruce questioned the man’s claim.

She said: “They don’t all walk out?”

In response the man admitted the occasional opposition MSP remained but reiterated his criticism of the behaviour.

He said: “Yes, they do. Just watch, they leave two or something, it’s an act of physical contempt.”

A woman from the audience agreed with the man about the behaviour of politicians.

She said: “It just feels very disappointing that in a time where we are having to deal with so many really important issues.

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“That the politicians that we’ve entrusted to lead our country have basically resorted to childish name calling.”

Addressing Stephen Kerr MSP and Chief Whip of the Scottish Conservatives she asked how he could justify such behaviour.

She said: “How do you get on board with the fact that your party is behaving in that fashion?”

Mr Kerr described the matter as a deflection and that recovering from the pandemic should be the priority.

Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry was intrigued to hear about the latest gossip in Scottish politics.

She said: “I want to carry on hearing about this extraordinary drama that’s going on here.

“It’s an absolute soap opera isn’t it?”

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