Boris has an x-factor that no other politician has! Lord Marland …

Boris Johnson has ‘the X Factor that no one else has’ says Marland

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Lord Marland claimed that Boris Johnson has an x-factor that no other politician has. The British business and politician discussed the possibility of the Conservative Party not winning the next general election. When questioned by Ben Kentish as to whether Boris would try and run in the leadership contest again, Lord Marland said he didn’t say he would like him to, but claimed that you couldn’t rule out the possibility that he might. Mr Johnson has less than 24 hours left as the Prime Minister of the country, tomorrow either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will take over from him and become the leader of the Conservative Party, and the country.

Mr Kentish said: “What about suggestions that he thinks he could come back, that he thinks the next year is going to be very difficult?

“And he is very much not ruling out another attempt to become Prime Minister.

“Possibly reasonably soon, if not a couple of years down the line?”

Lord Marland told LBC: “Well if you follow your analysis or your suggestion that the Conservatives may well not win the next election.

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“Inevitably there will be a leadership challenge because there normally is, God knows why.

“But inevitably there may be a leadership challenge and who knows, he’s got that x-factor that no other politician really has.”

Mr Kentish added: “You would like him to run again in that leadership contest?”

Lord Marland said: “No I didn’t say I’d like him to, but I didn’t say you could rule him out.”

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Boris Johnson has ‘the X Factor that no one else has’ says Marland

Many other MPs across the political spectrum have been wondering what Boris will do next, as he leaves Number 10 Downing street in less than a week.

Some Conservative MPs who have supported Mr Johnson all the way through his term as leader, as continuing to support him.

And remain hopeful that he will have a successful comeback, despite public sentiment towards Mr Johnson for his numerous failings.

The new Prime Minister is set to be announced tomorrow, and will either be Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak.

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Former chair of the pro-Brexit European Research Group, Jacob Rees-Mogg told GB News why he believe Mr Johnson would be unable to run again.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Nobody’s come back having lost the leadership of the party since Gladstone.”

He added: “And I just don’t think in modern politics, the chance of coming back is realistic.

“Lots of people think they’re going to be called back by a grateful nation which is why Harold MacMillan waited 20 years before accepting his peerage… Life just isn’t like that.”

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