Boris Johnson brutally attacked by former Brexit Party MEP -‘No one to blame but himself!’

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Former Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips attacked Boris Johnson and his Government over the withdrawal agreement they had agreed on towards the end of last year. While speaking on talkRADIO, Ms Phillips branded the deal “donkey meat” and said Boris Johnson would now have to deal with the consequences. Ms Phillips said: “Sadly the point is that Boris Johnson is his own worst enemy.

“He was the person who came back from Brussels who said he has this fantastic new deal.

“He said it is going to be absolutely remarkable and wonderful and it is nothing like the vassalage of the past deal.

“Boris Johnson’s deal was the same deal but just in different packaging.”

Ms Phillips went into greater details of what issues she had with the current state of Brexit trade talks with the EU.

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She said: “Boris Johnson’s oven-ready deal is full of the usual donkey meat that we know the EU likes to serve up.

“Now that Boris has made his bed he has got to lie in it.”

Ms Phillips said that previously the Prime Minister could blame Remainers for Brexit difficulties, a luxury he no longer has.

She added: “When Boris was pinned down by UK law and had to go and demand an extension at least he could say it wasn’t me, I am not culpable.

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“He could say it was the schemes and manoeuvres of those on the other side.

“But this is his Bill and he was the one who said it was fantastic as he rushed it through Parliament as fast as he could.

“Now he is reeling at the prospect of what he has done wilfully.”

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Brexit trade deal talks with the EU are at risk of collapsing as Boris Johnson receives threats from Brexiteer MPs, Lords and the European Union.

The Prime Minister’s Internal Market Bill, tabled this week, sparked fury as it risks overriding parts of the already agreed withdrawal agreement and has been accused of breaking international law. 

The EU has threatened to pull out of the trade talks completely giving Boris Johnson until the end of the month to make changes to the Internal Market Bill.

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