Boris Johnson rages at Starmer’s hypocrisy ‘What about you?! You’re under investigation!’

Johnson highlights Starmer's 'hypocrisy' amid beergate reports

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The Prime Minister mockingly called the Labour leader “Sir Beer Korma” as he blasted his opposition for his “frankly sanctimonious obsession” with Boris Johnson’s rule-breaking during the pandemic. He asked why, given Sir Keir Stamer’s “high standards”, the Labour leader is “still in his place” opposite him in the House of Commons and called for him “to apologise” and be done with it. Mr Johnson then went on to say he continues to be “humbled” by the events highlighted in Sue Gray’s report but that the “sensible thing” would be to “collectively move on”. 

Mr Johnson told the House of Commons: “After months of [Sir Keir’s] frankly sanctimonious obsession, the great gazes zeppelin of his pomposity has been permanently punctured irretrievably by the revelation that he is himself – what? He didn’t mention this? – under investigation by the police. 

“I’m not going to mince my words but I’ve got to say this: Sir Beer Korma is currently failing to hold himself to the same high standards that he demanded of me. 

“He called for me to resign when the investigation began. Why is he still in his place? 

“Mr Speaker, [Sir Keir] should at least be consistent and hold himself to the same standards. He’s still there and so is the shadow deputy leader. 


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