Boris Johnson speech in full: Read PM’s keynote speech from Conservative Party Conference

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Boris Johnson addressed the virtual Conservative Party conference today saying they will next year hold the conference in person. He told wachers he is tired of coronavirus and that the Government is working day and night torepel the virus. But what else did the Prime Minister say in his speech?

Mr Johnson began his speech addressing the UK’s biggest concern: coronavirus.

He said it is not enough after this just to go back to normal adding the country has been through too much to enable this.

The Prime Minister said the pandemic is a trigger for economic and social change.

Mr Johnson said: “After all we’ve been through it’s not enough to go back to normal. We’ve been through too much.

“This thing teaches us that things of this magnitude, like wars, plagues, don’t just come and go. They can be the trigger for economic and social change.”

Mr Johnson also addressed his illness earlier this year saying claims he had “lost his mojo” after falling ill with COVID-19 were “drivel”.

The PM said he believes he became so ill because he was “too fat”, revealing his has since lost 26lbs.

He compared the state of his health to the “chronic, long-term problems” of the UK economy.

He said: “We can’t define the mission of this government to merely restore normality.”

Mr Johnson added: “It is clear from COVID that we need the economic preparedness to repel whatever cosmic spanner is heading towards us.”

The Prime Minister also confirmed plans to build 40 new hospitals.

He said: “We will continue to recruit 50,000 more nurses. We have 14,000 more since the government came in last year.

“We are doubling funding for research agencies.”

Mr Johnson added: “We will fix the injustice of care home funding. We will care for the carers as they care for us.”

Boris Johnson vowed to devise a solution to fix the social care funding crisis.

He said: “We will do what all governments have shirked for decades.

“We will fix the injustice of care home funding, bringing the magic of averages to the rescue of millions.

“Covid has shone a spotlight on the difficulties of that sector in all parts of the UK, and to build back better we must respond.

“Care for the carers as they care for us.”

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The Prime Minister vowed to “build back better”.

Mr Johnson said: “To explain what I mean by ‘build back better’, I’ll use a medical metaphor.

“I have read a lot of nonsense recently about how my own bout of Covid has somehow robbed me of my mojo.

“And, of course this is self-evident drivel.

“The kind of seditious propaganda that you would expect from people who don’t want this Government to succeed.

“And I could refute these critics of my athletic abilities in any way that they want, arm wrestling, leg wrestling… you name it.

“And yet I have to admit that the reason I had such a nasty experience with the disease is that although I was superficially in the pink of health when I caught it I had a very common underlying condition – my friends, I was too fat.

“And I have since lost 26 pounds.”

Boris Johnson added the UK economy had some “chronic underlying problems” before the coronavirus pandemic, as he vowed to raise the “overall productivity” of the country after the crisis.

The Prime Minister said: “Long term failure to tackle the deficit in skills, inadequate transport infrastructure, not enough homes people could afford to buy – especially young people.

“And far too many people across the whole country who felt ignored and left out, that the government was not on their side.

“And so we can’t now define the mission of this country as merely to restore normality – that isn’t good enough.

“In the depths of the Second World War, when just about everything had gone wrong, the government sketched out a vision of the post-war new Jerusalem that they wanted to build, and that is what we’re doing now, in the teeth of this pandemic.”

Mr Johnson vowed to “reform our system of government, to renew our infrastructure, to spread opportunity more widely and fairly, and create the conditions for a dynamic recovery that is led not by the state but by free enterprise”.

The Prime Minister added: “After 12 years of relative anaemia, we need to lift the trend rate of growth.

“We need to lift people’s incomes, not just go back to where we were.

“And it’s clear from Covid that we need the economic rebuttalists to deal with whatever the next cosmic spanner may be hurtling towards us in the dark, and the only way to ensure true resilience and long term prosperity is to raise the overall productivity of the country.”

Boris Johnson praised the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak after suspicion about tension between the two Conservatives.

The PM praised Mr Sunak and said the Chancellor had been forced to take action that no Conservative would want.

The Prime Minister said: “We must not draw the wrong economic conclusion from this crisis.

“Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, has come up with some brilliant expedients to help business, to protect jobs and livelihoods but let’s face it, he has done things that no Conservative chancellor would have wanted to do except in times of war or disaster.”

He added: “This Government has been forced by the pandemic into erosions of liberty that we deeply regret and to an expansion in the role of the state from lockdown enforcement to the many bailouts and subsidies that go against our instincts.

“But we accept them because there is simply no reasonable alternative.”

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