Boris Johnson to face a tussle as behind-the-scene tensions rise over Covid Plan B

Boris Johnson to face 'tussle' over virus response says Fleming

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Chief Political Correspondent Adam Fleming has warned of potential tension over the next few weeks if Boris Johnson’s new anti-Covid measures are deployed. The warning came after the Prime Minister announced his winter Covid plans on Tuesday where he confirmed the return of mandatory mask-wearing and a new work from home order are part of the Government’s “plan B” to combat a rise in new cases.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Adam Fleming said: “I think there’s gonna be a bit of tension over the next few months, about if and when Plan B is actually deployed.

He continued: “And then if you read these documents that were published yesterday by the scientific advisors on the sage committee, for example, you get a sort of similar message from the scientists advising the government behind the scenes as well.

“So I wonder if we will just see a bit of a tussle over that as the next few months progress, and the cases inevitably go up.

“The Government has promised to bring forward, kind of, the ideas behind COVID vaccine passports for access to certain venues in England, so that businesses can prepare.

“Not introduce them, but just introduce some of the details of how it would work so people can get ready.

“And also the government’s promised to provide a list of places where wearing masks would be mandatory if we do go into Plan B, and that’s controversial with MPs as well.”

Scientific advisers have warned that between 2,000 and 7,000 people a day could be hospitalised with Covid in England unless No.10 urgently implements a “basket of measures”.

Boris Johnson’s Plan B would be kept in reserve and be introduced if the NHS is being overwhelmed.

His winter plan was to “prevent the overwhelming of the NHS” while preserving the freedoms needed to boost economic growth and jobs.

Documents show that the Sage committee expects cases to rise in the coming months after almost all restrictions were lifted this summer.

Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance also warned that the pandemic is currently at a “pivot point”.

He told the press conferenceTuesday: “You have to go earlier than you want to, you have to go harder than you think you want to.”

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