Boris Johnsons brutal jab at Tony Blair as he mocks US President remarks

Boris Johnson calls for Biden’s support in climate crisis battle

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Ahead of a meeting of the two world leaders at the White House today, the Prime Minister was eager to talk up the special relationship. Dismissing claims of any sort of a rift between Washington and London, he said the two countries had never been closer.

There have been repeated warnings from the US to Mr Johnson over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, with President Biden publicly demanding the UK to fully implement the Brexit agreement.

But speaking to reporters ahead of a one to one meeting with his US counterpart, the Prime Minister boasted of the continued close bond with the White House.

“As we go to Washington, our relations with the US are about as good as they have been at any time in decades,” he said.

With Mr Biden only in power since January, Mr Johnson admitted he was hoping the two leaders would become even closer once they had more time to get to know each other.

“It hasn’t been a relationship that’s been very long in gestation, but it’s terrific,” he said.

“We see eye-to-eye on all sorts of things.”

Mr Johnson went on to share details of common personal interests between himself and President Biden, before taking a swipe at Mr Blair’s expense.

He said he had bonded with the US President over their love of trains.

The Prime Minister explained: “He’s a bit of a train nut, as am I.

“He likes trains which is a good thing.”

Entertaining reporters travelling with him on the plane to America, he joked: “I don’t know about toothpaste.

“If I discover anything about the toothpaste I’ll let you know.”

His remarks teased the former Prime Minister for his own close personal relationship with former US President George W Bush.

The pair were often mocked for their friendship during their time in power.

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In their first-ever meeting in 2001, President Bush caused jaws to drop after making bizarre comments about the personal bond forged between them.

Asked about what the two men had in common, Mr Bush announced: “Well, we both use Colgate toothpaste.”

Clearly feeling slightly awkward at the strange comment, a grinning Mr Blair joked: “They are going to wonder how you know that George.”

While Mr Johnson boasted of his close relationship with Mr Biden, he also made clear hopes are fading for a quick US trade deal.

The Prime Minister had been eager to sign an agreement as soon as possible with America to open up new markets for UK businesses.

However, he admitted Mr Biden had “a lot of fish to fry” leaving chances of an agreement any time soon unlikely.

“He’s got a huge infrastructure package, he’s got a ‘build back better’ package,” he explained.

“We want to do it, but what we want is a good free trade agreement, a great free trade agreement.”

He added: “I would much rather get a deal that really works for the UK than get a quick deal.”

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