Boris tipped for another dramatic comeback– biographer predicts when

Rishi Sunak announced as the new Prime Minister

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Boris Johnson will make another comeback bid in the future, according to his unofficial biographer. Tom Bower, author of Boris Johnson: The Gambler, suggested the former PM, who ruled himself out of the Tory leadership race on Sunday night, could make a sensational return in 2028 or 2029.

The investigative journalist told “I think that Labour will clearly get in at the next election.

“It depends on the Tories, how they rebuild themselves, but I would have thought he will have a chance towards the end of the decade.

“Once the Tories have been in opposition for a number of years and they are looking for a new leader. I think he’s got a chance in 2028 or 2029.”

Mr Bower said Mr Johnson’s latest bid was too soon following his exit from No 10 last month in the wake of a series of scandals.

The biographer, who has also written books on Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn, said: “He will certainly make a comeback when he hasn’t got so much opposition.

“He will try his hardest to come back but he is just far too early, it is just impossible for him now.

“And he was not in a position to make demands because the party was not behind him.

“But my feeling is that he has got to learn a load of lessons before the party will consider him returning.”

Mr Bower said Mr Johnson has obstacles to overcome including the investigation by the Commons Privileges Committee into whether he misled Parliament over the partygate saga.

The biographer also said the former Prime Minister faces the possibility of losing his Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat in west London at the next general election and suggested he could set his sights on Tory MP and close ally Nadine Dorries’s Mid Bedfordshire constituency.

He said: “He has then got to find probably another seat. I think he will try and get Nadine Dorries’s seat because he can’t win Uxbridge.

“He will write his book on Shakespeare, write his memoirs. His target is to earn £5million a year. I think he has got a good chance of doing that in the first year or two.

“And then he will position himself with a comeback at the end of the decade.”

The acid-penned biographer claimed Mr Johnson would be “hugely disappointed” and “furious” after abandoning his comeback bid over the weekend.

Mr Bower added: “He wants to come back because he wants to prove he is right and that he has been badly treated and that is the whole problem. He really thinks he has been badly treated and does not realise it was all his own fault. And that is why it is too early for him to come back. He just hasn’t learned the lessons yet.”

It comes after Mr Johnson flew back to the UK from a family holiday in the Caribbean on Saturday morning as speculation of a dramatic comeback went into overdrive.

But late on Sunday, the ex-Conservative leader admitted he could not unite his warring party despite saying he had secured the 102 nominations from fellow MPs in the leadership race and insisting he was “well placed” to lead the Tories to victory at the next general election.

His withdrawal paved the way for Rishi Sunak to be crowned as the new leader on Monday without an online ballot of Conservative members after Penny Mordaunt also dropped out at the 11th hour.

Mr Johnson fuelled speculation of a comeback with his farewell address outside 10 Downing Street last month with its reference to Cincinnatus, who was recalled from his farm to save ancient Rome from crisis.

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