Brexit Britain slipped down the pecking order of Joe Bidens trade priority list

Brexit Britain 'slipped down the pecking order' of Joe Biden's trade priority list

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Reform UK leader Richard Tice has argued that Britain has “slipped down” the running to agree on a Brexit trade deal with the United States. International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has been pursuing a transatlantic trading arrangement with President Joe Biden. But Mr Tice has warned the US President has “a lot on his plate” at the moment and argued instead for an incremental deal agreed piece by piece. 

Mr Tice told GB News: “I think there is no question that under the Biden regime we have slipped down the pecking order of priorities.

“And there is a huge amount on his plate frankly which we understand.”

He added: “I have always said about a US trade deal which is always going to be difficult was we should look at doing these on a partial basis.

“You don’t have to agree everything all upfront.”

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Mr Tice continued: “If you say some stuff is just too difficult you are going to take to long to get there so put that in phase two or three.

“Agree what you can agree quite quickly and simply to get something done, agreed, signed.

“Get some benefits, get some confidence, and then move forwards from there.

“So for me, one of the easy ones was always cars, you know there is a differential between the tariff charged on cars that are made here and sold in the US compared to cars that are made in the US and sold here…historically we have charged a 10 percent tariff under the EU rules whereas going the other way I believe it is just two percent.

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“There are things like that I believe we could agree quite quickly with goodwill on both sides.”

It comes as Get Britain Out Director Jayne Adye warned Boris Johnson not to “surrender” Britain newly won sovereignty in the pursuit of a free trade deal with Joe Biden’s USA. 

Ms Adye said: “In the five years since then, Brexiteers have had to fight tooth and nail to implement the vote to leave the European Union, a fight which is far from being over.

“Even if it was, the principle of ‘Taking Back Control’ goes far beyond just our relationship with the EU.

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“It is a mentality which must persist into our existence as an independent nation and factor into our every decision within the international community, making sure we are never again under the control of a foreign power.“

“As of now, yes, we work very closely with our American and European allies, however the sands of international politics shift very quickly.”

Ms Adye pressed that the UK Government needs to be careful not to open the country up to “unnecessary vulnerabilities.”

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