Brexit deal MUST be done this weekend as Boris Bill threat ‘red rag to a bull’ in EU talks

Brexit deal ‘this weekend’ says Philip Rycroft

Former Permanent Secretary for Exiting the EU, Philip Rycroft argued that this weekend is crucial in terms of Brexit development. While speaking on Sky News, he said the events of next week in the UK will mean that significant progress is made this weekend. He explained that next week MPs will again vote on Boris Johnson’s Internal Market Bill in the House of Commons.

He noted this would be like a “red rag to a bull” and could result in Brexit talks completely collapsing unless a trade deal is agreed before then.

Mr Rycroft said: “This has gone on a lot longer than I think anyone anticipated when we voted to leave the EU in June 2016.

“These negotiations have taken longer than people thought they would.

“But we are now very close to the end game and this can’t go on for much longer.”

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Mr Rycroft admitted that this weekend would be significant in the conclusion of Brexit talks.

He said: “I think something has to give this weekend.

“Don’t forget, next week two important things happen in the UK Parliament, a finance Bill is introduced and the controversial clauses in the Internal Market Bill come back.

“This seeks to abrogate unilaterally some of the provisions in the Northern Ireland protocol.

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“That would be like a red rag to a bull, as far as the EU is concerned.

“It is very difficult to see the negotiations continuing if that happens in the UK Parliament.

“I think it is this weekend, one way or the other.”

Mr Rycroft also reflected on the possibility of a deal not being agreed between the UK and EU.

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He said: “Don’t forget there is no way of extending the transition period at the end of the year.

“Legally and politically it is almost impossible to do.

“So if the negotiations are not sorted over the next three, four days effectively we have no deal at the end of this year.

“A different sort of negotiation will have to resume next year.”

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