Brexit emboldened Russia as Putin thrives off division, former GCHQ chief warns

Russia 'emboldened' by Brexit and US division says Omand

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former GCHQ Director Professor Sir David Omand, sat down on LBC Radio with Nick Ferrari to speak about how Putin views the UK and the US. Following the withdrawal of British and American troops from Afghanistan in 2021 and the UK’s Brexit rollout as they left the European Union. According to Sir David Russia felt ’emboldened’ by all of these changes and Presidents Trump’s time as president as it caused a lot of division when Trump came to power. Sir David told Mr Ferarri that the UK’s safety relies on Nato and Trump did everything ‘cast doubt on that’ during his presidency.

Mr Ferrari said: “How emboldened would Russia be, by what would appear to be the catastrophic evacuation of Afghanistan last year?”

Sir David said: “That’s one element in the calculation, they would also be emboldened by the Trump era.

Mr Ferrari asked: “Why so?”

Sir David said: “The division within the United States which some commentators, in the States actually seeing it as a move potentially towards sessestionist civil war.

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Sir David added: “It’s a term that some commentators are using that’s almost certainly exaggerated.

“But nonetheless the United States is deeply divided.

“The European Union has been gravely weakened by our Brexit, there is no longer… certainly at the moment a diplomatic power.”

Mr Ferrrai said: “Has our security been undermined by Brexit, UK security?”

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Sir David said: “Not in a direct sense, I think we’re less well placed to tackle things like crime. International crime, then we were when we were integrated into the police networks.

“But in terms of our main networks security of course comes NATO.

“And our membership of NATO, but that depends crucially on the United States and Trump president Trump.

“When as president, went out of his way to cast doubt on that.”

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Minister Liz Truss who is now Brexit negotiator announced that she is now working with other international aides in order to set new sanctions for Russia.

As Ms Truss warned that she wouldn’t allow Putin to terrorise neighbouring European countries like Ukraine.

Ms Truss said: “We will not accept the campaign Russia is waging to subvert its democratic neighbours.

“They have falsely cast Ukraine as a threat to justify their aggressive stance.

“The UK is working with our partners on these sanctions, including high impact measures targeting the Russian financial sector and individuals.”

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