Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson told ‘EU want to lock us in’ as he rushes to Brussels for talks

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Boris Johnson will fly to Brussels later this afternoon to meet with European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, after he goes head-to-head with Keir Starmer at PMQs. But Brexiteers have urged the Prime Minister to “hold firm” and not offer the EU major concessions in a bid to get a trade deal over the line.

Tory MP John Redwood has warned the EU wants to keep Britain closely tied to Brussels.

He wrote on Twitter this morning: “There is so much more we can grow and make for ourselves. We need freedom from single market rules to do so.

“The rules have plunged us into colossal deficit on trade in food and goods with the EU.

“The EU wants to keep it that way by locking us in.”

Other Brexiteers also took to Twitter to urge Mr Johnson not to hand over any more of Britain’s sovereignty.

One person wrote: “Boris had better hold firm in his trip to Brussels today.

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“My faith in his ability to demand Sovereignty can dissipate quickly if he so much as gives an inch of further concession.”

A second user wrote: “And I have just reminded Boris if he goes to Brussels to give away our sovereignty that he can stay there and remain a traitor.

“The EU need a deal with us but its control over us that they seek to hold. The UK does not need EU and neither does Europe.”

Mr Johnson will meet with the EU chief to try and salvage negotiations as the two sides remain deadlocked on key areas such as fishing, the level playing field and state subsidies.

The Prime Minister said trade talks with the bloc were proving “very tricky” but said he hoped the “power of sweet reason” would triumph.


7.53am update: Lord Ashcroft urges Boris not to give in to EU demands

Brexiteer Lord Ashcroft has urged the Prime Minister to stand firm when he meets for dinner with the European chief.

He wrote on Twitter: “At dinner Wednesday in Brussels @BorisJohnson grip your marbles tight, pour lead in your pencil, don’t go wobbly and don’t cross your stated red lines…good fortune…”

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