Brexit LIVE: Were patriots! Frost viciously attacked by rejoiners over failing Brexit

Remain campaigner slams UK's new trade deals 'with despots'

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Writing in the Telegraph on Wednesday, the former Brexit Secretary noted the free trade agreement with the EU that was implemented in 10 months against expectations, the behaviour of the EU over vaccine procurement and the Northern Ireland Protocol. He added: “And yet. On the fringes of politics the unreconciled Remainers are regrouping.”

But reacting with incredulity to the remarks, a leading rejoiner claimed that they are “patriots” for undermining Brexit.

AC Grayling, a philosopher and staunch Remainer, said “yes we are” preparing the ground for the UK’s rejoining the EU.

He said this was because “we’re sane and patriots”, adding making Brexit seem to have failed was easy “as if any effort were necessary”.

However, Lord Frost wrote that “Remainer Jacobitism in support of Ursula von der Leyen as the queen over the water is just too unpopular”.

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Donaldson: ‘unwavering support’ for fight against NI Protocol

There is “unwavering support” from the electorate for unionist leaders who are standing against the Northern Ireland Protocol ahead of May’s executive elections.

Speaking at a rally last night, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said voters had supported the DUP’s move to dissolved the power-sharing administration in Northern Ireland over the Brexit deal.

He told the crowd: “We must stand united. We must stand as one in opposition to the protocol. Unionism is fully entitled to express its unequivocal opposition to the protocol in a public and peaceful way.

“The protocol has undemocratically altered Northern Ireland’s constitutional position and dealt a hammer blow to prosperity in all corners of our province. Not a single unionist representative supports the Irish Sea border.”

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