Brexit POLL: Are civil servants trying to wreck UKs exit from EU? Vote HERE

Brexit: Civil servant issues 'high risk' warning

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Suella Braverman said some civil servants are resisting post-Brexit reforms as they cannot imagine “life outside of the EU”. Therefore, is asking readers if YOU think officials are attempting to wreck Brexit.

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Our poll comes after the Attorney General blasted sections of the civil service for having a “Remain bias”.

While the Brexiteer insisted many civil servants are “brilliant”, she said others are unable to “conceive of the possibility of life outside of the EU”.

In an astonishing claim, Mrs Braverman said some of the “biggest battles” she has faced in Government have been with civil servants rather than in the Commons.

She said: “That was something I didn’t expect, if I’m honest.


Speaking to the Telegraph, Mrs Braverman added: “I’ve learnt, not only during my time as Attorney but also during my time as a Brexit minister … Some of the biggest battles you face as a minister are, in the nicest possible way, with Whitehall and internally with civil servants, as opposed to your political battles in the chamber.

“There are thousands of civil servants. In large part, they are brilliant. They work really hard.

“I’m supported, in particular, by a team of brilliant lawyers and officials… Don’t take this as an opportunity to bash the Civil Service.

“But what I have seen, time and time again, [is] that there is a Remain bias.

“I’ll say it. I have seen resistance to some of the measures that ministers have wanted to bring forward.

“Because there’s an inability to conceive of the possibility of life outside of the EU.”

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Mrs Braverman also insisted Brexit was a “great” opportunity for the UK to unshackle itself from Brussels’ cumbersome rules and bureaucracy.

She said the Brexit Opportunities Bill was “absolutely critical” to pave the way for ministers to tear up retained EU rules.

The Attorney General’s comments come after former Brexit minister Lord Frost said the civil service still “regrets” the UK’s departure from the bloc six years later.

Speaking last month, the Tory peer told GB News: “I think it’s still there, it’s definitely been weakened since 2016, people have got used to the idea.

“I think what people are finding hard now in the Government and in the civil service is, having to be in charge, when we were in the EU, you didn’t have to think.

“Now, all of a sudden, our destiny is in their own hands, and they’re hesitating a little bit, that’s probably underlining some of the issues we’ve got at the moment.”

It comes after Brexit Opportunities Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg in May unveiled the best proposals from 2,000 suggestions handed to him from Leave-backing members of the public on how to capitalise on Britain’s freedom from Brussels.

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