Brexit problem solved: Britons simple solution to ignore EU just the like rest of Europe

Northern Ireland protocol is a 'complete turkey' says Foster

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has been holding intense talks with her Brussels counterparts in a bid to resolve the ongoing spat. It revolves around the province effectively being kept in the EU’s single market as part of Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement.

This has led to checks on goods travelling between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

The DUP’s Agricultural Minister Edwin Poots’ recently ordered an end to agri-food checks at Northern Ireland ports.

But this was ruled unlawful by a High Court judge.

Mr Justice Colton issued the interim order until a judicial review against the DUP minister’s decision can be heard in full.

This sparked fury among many readers – who insisted that the UK should just ignore the EU’s ruling like many other European states.

Tenjie raged: “It’s an absolute breach of international law’.

“So is an unelected state putting a border in another sovereign country.

“They are keen to keep their single market. Let them have the check border on their side of the Channel.”

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IanW wrote: “Isn’t it amazing how quickly the judiciary can move when they want and when it’s against Brexit Britain?

“It’s time these old clowns moved on and allowed people to take over our law courts who are working in the best interests of our country.”

Kronos 2021 said: “What I would say Northern Ireland ignores the EU and our sh** judges.

“Do what many other EU counties do, they ignore the EU and they get on with their business.”

Making the interim order, Mr Colton said: “There shouldn’t be any confusion hanging over those in the Civil Service, so I am persuaded this is a case where there should be interim relief.

“I, therefore, make the order to suspend the instruction given by the minister for agriculture until further order of this court.”

Mr Poort ordered civil servants to stop customs checks from midnight on Wednesday, saying that their continued implementation was having a damaging impact on the province’s economy.

The DUP says the Protocol is costing the Northern Ireland economy £2.5million a day, and over £100,000 an hour.

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