Brexit stitch-up exposed as Habib claims ‘last minute’ EU deal has been ‘choreographed’

Brexit: Habib claims talks with EU have been 'choreographed'

Brexit trade talks are underway between the UK and EU in Brussels after Boris Johnson and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen agreed to continue negotiations. However the “last minute” nature of the process has been accused of being “choreographed”. Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib told Sky News that he would “put money” on the close to the wire nature of talks being deliberate in order to avoid scrutiny of the agreement.

He said: “I’d put money on this being choreographed. We’ve had complete opacity on precisely what’s being negotiated.

“For many weeks now, they’ve been in this kind of tunnel, as they call it.

“None of us who normally comment on this sort of thing are going to have time to call it out.

“No one in Parliament’s going to call it out because of his majority and Labour being unprepared to be seen voting against it.”

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Mr Habib continued: “So he’s going to announce this deal, maybe with a few days left until the end of this year, and band it through Parliament.

“Hey presto, he’s got what he wants and the EU’s got what it wants, but it won’t be the kind of sovereign-compliant deal we were promised.”

The Prime Minister and Mrs Von der Leyen have mandated negotiations to “continue talks and see if an agreement at this late stage can be made”.

The Brexit Party MEP claimed that this was an indication that a deal will “almost certainly” be done.

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He told Sky: “I’ve always felt that they’re going to do a deal, and the deal would be announced at the last minute.

“The Prime Minister’s been in a bit of a bind ever since he signed the withdrawal agreement’s Northern Ireland protocol because he couldn’t really unpick it.

“He tried to unpick it and the only other way to do it, to mask its pernicious effect, that border down the Irish Sea, is to do a deal with the EU that ties us closely with the EU.”

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