Brexiteer John Redwood fears ‘never ending talks’ urging Boris to ‘take back control’ NOW

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The prominent Tory backbencher said Britons voted to leave “not for an agreement” and it was time for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to push back against the EU’s attempts to keep the nation as “a colony”. In a rallying cry, he said the UK didn’t want a “bad agreement” but wanted to finally unshackle from the Union after four years since voting to leave.

Mr Redwood told his more than 89,000 Twitter followers: “We don’t want a bad agreement with never ending talks and the hope of improvement years later.

“We voted to leave, not for an agreement. Take back control.

“Reject any EU proposal to keep us as a colony.”

Mr Redwood said attempts to scare Britain over Brexit would never materialise.

He added: “Project Fear never gives up over Brexit.

“If they are so concerned about the UK car industry why have they been so quiet over the collapse of petrol and diesel car sales this year?

“It took place whilst we were still in the single market and customs union.”

Britain and the EU are still working towards reaching a free trade agreement by the time the UK loses full access to the bloc under transition arrangements that end on December 31.

As talks resumed remotely on Monday, EU negotiator Michel Barnier said major gaps remained on divvying up fishing rights and ensuring economic fair play for companies, including on state aid.

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Face-to-face talks on a new partnership agreement between the EU and Britain were suspended last week after a member of the Brussels team tested positive for coronavirus, but they are expected to resume when its is “safe” to meet again.

Mr Barnier tweeted: “Time is short. Fundamental divergences still remain, but we are continuing to work hard for a deal.”

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson is set to speak to the European Commission’s Ursula von der Leyen later in the week as Brexit talks get to a crunch point.

Officials on both sides are setting up a phone call, or possibly even a face-to-face meeting, in what could be a pivotal moment for the free trade talks.

The Tory leader said there were still issues to be resolved, which would be worked on this week.

This afternoon, Foreign minister Wendy Morton said the Government continues to prepare for “a wide range of scenarios” in case the UK does not reach a trade deal with the EU.

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