Brexiteers rejoice over Sunaks small boats Bill as country divided

President Macron and Rishi Sunak shake hands at UK-France summit

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One of the first polls taken after Illegal Migration Bill was published this week has revealed the country is split down the middle on Rishi Sunak’s strategy. The Techne UK poll comes out as Gary Lineker was taken off air by the BBC for a tweet that likened the Conservative government to Nazi Germany over the plans.

The Techne UK survey of 1,624 people was taken in the two days after the Bill was unveiled in Parliament.

If it survives legal challenges by activist lawyers, the legislation would see illegal migrants removed from Britain within 28 days and banned from applying for asylum again.

According to the poll 43 percent back the new law, but 42 percent oppose it.

The survey underlined the divide in the UK since the 2016 EU referendum, where voters backed Leave with the message “take back control” of Britain’s borders.

According to the findings, 45 percent of Leave voters from seven years ago back the legislation and 39 percent oppose it.

Meanwhile, 45 percent of 2016 Remain voters oppose the Bill while 44 percent support it.

The poll suggests the legislation could help Sunak win back 2019 Conservative voters with 49 percent supporting the legislation and 39 percent opposing it.

Red Wall Tory MPs, in particular, identifed the issue as a means of helping them win back seats again.

Dudley MP Marco Longhi said: “It is a verified fact that illegal immigrants have historically always been ‘dispersed’ to areas of higher deprivation, working class areas.

“It has been only when they ran out of accomodation that other leafier areas have suffered – now meaning that those MPs representing these areas have also just started to speak up.

“I have been clear all along, and not just because of what I see in my constituency, but because most fair-minded people who are willing to see the facts for what they are, will recognise that what is happening is grossly unfair to all taxpayers and to all citizens, especially those more reliant on social housing and public services. I speak up for them.”

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The findings come as the BBC took Gary Lineker off air for likening the Bill to 1930s Nazi Germany on Twitter.

It also happened on the day that Mr Sunak met at a summit with French President Emmanuel Macron where he revealed that the UK will pay France £500 million to run a detention centre for illegal migrants.

Tory MPs are still sceptical that the plans will survive legal challenges and Labour have said they oppose the plan.

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