Britain urged to align closer with Poland as EU power shifts – YOU VOTED

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Poland is emerging as a major player in Europe and 84 percent of readers think that the UK should closer align with the eastern European nation, a new poll has shown.

Poland’s investment in defence is currently around three percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) but this is due to rise to four percent by 2025, giving the country Europe’s largest combat-ready army outside of Russia.

Broadcaster Andrew Neil has said that Poland’s growth has “enormous significance” for Britain as Warsaw “sees the world largely as we do” including in its stance towards supporting Ukraine and the EU.

He explained in his Daily Mail column: “The rise of Poland as a military and diplomatic power of significance is rewriting the power balance in Europe.

“Taken together with the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland (and some rearming of their own), power in Europe is tilting east, away from Paris and Berlin, both of whom have lost their way and now squabble among themselves.”

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Mr Neil said that the shift in power from France and Germany is a “huge opportunity” for the UK.

He said: “We have excellent relations with Warsaw, Stockholm, Helsinki, the Baltic states and other east European countries, all of whom have a high regard for us.

“It is a huge opportunity to continue to play a major role in Europe, even outside the EU, if only British statecraft can rise to the occasion.”

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In response, ran a poll from 2.45pm on Monday, July 10 to 3.15 pm on Tuesday, July 11, asking readers: “Should the UK be aligning closer with Poland?”

A total of 1,083 votes were received with the majority of readers, 84 percent (908 people) answering “yes” in agreement. While 13 percent (145 people) said “no” and a further three percent (30 people) said they did not know.

In the comments left below the accompanying article, readers took part in a lively discussion on the UK’s relationship with Warsaw.

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Most readers agreed that the UK should align closer with Poland. Username Simple guy said: “Yes, Poland has been a good and dependable ally for a long time.”

Another, username mableone said: “Britain needs to align itself with countries that have the same interests.”

While username history-fun added: “Yes, and I think it’s already [been] happening for some time. I think that would change the EU’s attitude towards us which harmed the UK-EU relationship from the start.”

Yet others warned that the UK should focus elsewhere, with username pauldenton writing: “What’s the point? Poland is a mere member state, and member-state governments are becoming less and less important. As time goes on Brussels will be the only government that matters in the EU and that is where we should focus our diplomatic efforts.”

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