Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Protesters slowing traffic on Aucklands Dominion Rd

People protesting against recent vaccine mandates slowed traffic on Auckland’s Dominion Rd to a crawl this afternoon.

The protesters drove up and down tooting their horns, with many vehicles bearing slogans including “Hold the line” and “Coercion is not consent”.

The protest followed Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s announcement of a “no jab, no job” policy for workers at businesses where vaccine passports will be required.

The Government previously announced teachers, health workers and Corrections staff must get vaccinated to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Affected sectors broadly welcomed the vaccine mandates. But the proposals have angered some people who said their freedoms were being eroded.

A photographer at the scene in central Auckland today said probably 30 or 40 vehicles were part of the protest, or caught up in it.

“There’s a whole bunch of cars doing laps up and down Dominion Rd … beeping and hollering.”

Some of the protesters had children in the cars.

“It’s a mobile protest. They were essentially going up and down the Valley Rd area.”

Ardern on Tuesday announced a vaccine mandate for hospitality businesses and others, including gyms, barbers, and hairdressers.

At those businesses, customers will be expected to have vaccine certificates.

“If customers should be vaccinated, so should staff,” Ardern said. The Prime Minister said the system was designed to bring simplicity to employers.

When the system comes into effect will depend on when Auckland and New Zealand moves into the new “traffic-light” system for managing the Delta outbreak.

Today’s protest followed a march through Newmarket on Saturday which an estimated 5,000 people attended.

The Herald has asked police what actions were being taken to manage traffic.

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