Dan Wootton hails Suella Braverman as best hope for defending UK

Nadhim Zahawi defends Suella Braverman as Home Secretary

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Suella Braverman has been hailed as the country’s “best hope” for “securing our borders” by Dan Wootton on his GB News show. The Home Secretary is known for her tough stance on immigration, having pledged to resume deportation flights to Rwanda and cut net migration by thousands.

The host, who was born and grew up in New Zealand, praised the “brilliant” Ms Braverman for her “bold and daring agenda”, which includes curbing the numbers of international students and labour workers entering the country.

David Cameron vowed to cut net migration to “tens of thousands” back in 2010, as did Theresa May during her premiership, however the current level of net migration is around 239,000 per year.

Boris Johnson’s Government abandoned the policy in 2019, reported The Guardian.

Mr Wootton said: “The new Queen of the Tory right for good reason, she is razor sharp and deeply committed to a mission to complete Brexit, secure our borders, stop the illegal migrant invasion over the Channel, cut net immigration to the tens of thousands, wage a war on woke policing, enable freedom of speech and reverse Lawless Britain.

“Of course, given Suella’s bold, brave and daring agenda, she is now a target of our dire civil service, which tried to make life equally difficult for the former Home Secretary Priti Patel.

“The briefings – including the nick name Leaky Sue – about her minor technical breach of the ministerial code by forwarding an email to her personal account are now being politicised, even though it’s something virtually all ministers have done.

“They know Suella is an even bigger threat than Patel, given her no nonsense approach and superior knowledge of the law in her former job as Attorney General, which saw her overturn a woke move towards women being written out of legislation.”

Ms Braverman left Liz Truss’ Cabinet after it emerged she had sent Tory backbencher Sir John Hayes a sensitive document from a personal email account.

She copied in someone she believed to be the MP’s wife but it was in fact an aide to Conservative MP Andrew Percy.

The Home Secretary admitted to a “technical infringement” but sources have told The Times she is known for regularly sharing sensitive information on her personal phone and email, earning her the nickname of “Leaky Sue”.

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Former Tory party chairman Jake Berry told TalkTV: “It was sent from a private email address to another member of parliament.

“She then sought to copy in that individual’s wife and accidentally sent it to a staffer in parliament.

“To me that seems a really serious breach, especially when it was documents relating to cybersecurity, as I believe.”

“For a home secretary to even have that nickname after a relatively short time in office says it all.”

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