‘Demonstrate as much as you want! Remoaners mocked for anti-Brexit protest plan

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Grassroots for Europe intends to hold a protest in Manchester on Sunday to ensure that Brexit remains at the “front and centre of the agenda”, it said on its website. The group – which has campaigned against leaving the EU since its creation in 2018 – branded Brexit the “elephant in the room”.

It even went on to list a series of “demands” including a “better deal with the EU” and a “better deal for EU citizens in the UK”.

News of its claims was quickly shot down by many Express.co.uk readers.

User prestonfan1 wrote: “They can demonstrate as much as they want but it will not change their situation.

“Supply the correct paperwork and you can get a license. If that is not possible, then fish in your own waters.”

Another Express.co.uk reader said: “Its demands include a ‘better deal with the EU’ and a ‘better deal for EU citizens in the UK’.

“How could you POSSIBLY offer a ‘better deal for EU citizens in the UK’, they literally got everything handed to them on a plate.

“All they have to do is prove they lived in the UK at some point before Dec 31st 2020 and they get the same rights as British citizens.”

Referencing the historic 2016 Brexit referendum, user Durham Lad raged: “A minority bunch of whingers cannot overturn the democratic majority decision of the UK.”

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Meanwhile profile “Pride in Britain” wrote: “Don’t get your hopes up Remainers, there is no appetite to rejoin just because of a hiccup or two.

“You’ll have to wait another 45 years to get the chance to vote again, like we did.

“But that isn’t going to happen anyway as the EU will not exist for very much longer, it’s beginning to break up now! Tough luck!”

Grassroots for Europe consists of more than 150 local pro-EU campaign groups, according to its website.

A statement on it read: “We need a new, more pragmatic approach based on realism where all sides are listened to.

“With the loosening of standards already on things like GDPR, food standards, waste water treatment and the Paris Climate Change Agreement the direction of travel is clear.

“None of this was mentioned when the idea of leaving the EU was being sold.

“No one voted for lower standards, a huge amount of Brexit red tape and to be to be worse off.

“The promised sunlit uplands with no downsides was a fantasy and as the reality starts to appear it’s time to say Brexit is not working and demand a new approach.”

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