Do you trust Jeremy Hunt to unleash full potential of Brexit? POLL

Jeremy Hunt delivers speech on plans for the UK economy

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has shared how he plans for the UK economy to take advantage of Brexit and become a new world leader in his keynote speech at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London on Friday. But do you trust him to deliver on unleashing the full potential of Brexit? Vote in our poll.

Mr Hunt said he wants the UK’s decision to leave the European Union to become a “catalyst” for growth. He explained: “We want to be one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. Today I want to set out our plan to address those issues. That plan, our plan for growth is necessitated, energised and made possible by Brexit.”

He continued: “The desire to move to a high-wage, high-skill economy is one shared on all sides of that debate. We need to make Brexit a catalyst for the bold choices that will take advantage of the nimbleness and flexibilities that it makes possible.

“Our plan for growth is a plan built on the freedoms which Brexit provides. It is a plan to raise productivity.” He set out his plan using four pillars of enterprise, education, employment and everywhere.

The Chancellor also announced that the Government would reform EU rules that dictate the funds British insurers are required to hold in reserve.

So what do YOU think? Do you trust Mr Hunt to deliver on his promise to unleash the full potential of Brexit? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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