Dont believe him! Vine panellist slams Starmer over Brexit plot to win back votes

Keir Starmer slammed by Vine panellists over Brexit plot

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Vine panellist Emily Carver argued Sir Keir Starmer’s recent pledge to want to “make Brexit work” is simply a political “calculation”. Ms Carver warned she does not trust the Labour leader has abandoned his previous vocal support for Britain to rejoin the EU and for a second referendum. Sir Keir on Monday said he does not see a case in which the UK would “rejoin” the EU as he committed to sowing the benefits of Brexit.

Ms Carver told Jeremy Vine: “I mean, this is clearly just a political move from Keir Starmer,

“He’s made the calculation that people want to move on from this.

“He wants to regain those seats in the north there will obviously pro-Brexit,

“Do I believe him that he’s happy for Brexit to go ahead and that he doesn’t want to rejoin?

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“Absolutely not. I mean, he was, you know, banging on and on and on about, about going back into the EU the second referendum and so on we need to thwart Brexit by all means. 

“So I don’t trust him on this.

“But it says savvy, political move.”

On Monday, the Labour leader stressed he would not seek to re-enter the EU in government.

Keir Starmer says there’s ‘no case for rejoining’ the EU

When asked about whether a Labour government would rejoin, he told BBC Radio Newcastle: “We’ve exited the EU and we’re not going back.

“Let me be very clear in the North East about that.

“There is no case for rejoining.”

He added: “I want to make sure we take advantage of the opportunities, and that we have a clear plan for Brexit. That’s what I’m working on.”


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Sir Keir has been on a tour of the North of England and the Midlands setting out Labour’s “contract with the British people.”

In Burnley, he argued: “The next Labour government would support our manufacturers with practical plans to buy, make and sell in Britain.

“We would be as ambitious for towns and cities across the country as they are for themselves, investing in skills, technology, and quality jobs – so that people once again feel the benefits of British industry.

“This is personal to me. My dad was a toolmaker, so I know the pride that comes with creating and building things – and the pain felt when the Tories dismantle that hard work.”

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