EU ordered to ‘get off high horse’ to relaunch smooth trade with Brexit Britain

Brexit: Former MEP calls on EU to ‘get off their high horse’

Former MEP Andrew Kerr offered Eurocrats that advise as he set out how stalled UK-EU trade could be brought back on track. He said that “powerful interests” in the EU were dead set on “doing harm” to the UK as punishment for Brexit. He slammed customs border disruption hampering British exporters as “unnecessary bureaucracy’ and dismissed European Union calls for full diplomatic status. Mr Kerr suggested that a change of attitude was needed on the European if there was to be progress over border delays.

Mr Kerr told RT: “Unfortunately there are some very powerful interest groups in the EU which are determined to do harm to the UK.

“They said it as soon as we had the referendum result they wanted to teach us a lesson etcetera.

“We are now seeing the result of it, totally unnecessary border bureaucracy being put in place.

The former Brexit Party MEP also weight in on the row brewing over demands from Brussels that representative of the bloc receives full diplomatic status from the UK.

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He said: “In fairness let us look at the other international organisations if we granted full diplomatic status to the EU they would be quite rightly entitled to come back and say well we want the same.

“Look as far as I’m concerned you have got enough protection already you don’t need full diplomatic status.

“Come on get off your high horse and let us focus on the real world and business.”

It comes as Brussels warned Britain to back down and accept an EU embassy in London or poison relations for years to come.

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Former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier met with EU foreign ministers in Brussels to discuss the row.

Brussels bosses want Joao Vale de Almeida, the EU’s first ambassador in London, to enjoy the same status handed to other foreign diplomats.

Diplomats are granted special privileges and immunities under the Vienna Convention.

But the Foreign Office insists the EU is an international body and shouldn’t be treated in the same way as a nation-state.

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Mr Barnier, who is now a special adviser on UK-EU relations, warned them ties with Britain would not be the same after Brexit.

But the Frenchman insisted the bloc would seek to strengthen foreign policy cooperation after any formal relationship was rejected by No10.

Mr Barnier said: “Relations with the UK as a third country will not be the same.

“But the EU standards ready to cooperate on foreign policy when in mutual interest.”

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