EU to ‘go the way of the Soviet Union’ as members break away from bloc ‘straight jacket’

Brexit: Expert warns EU ‘will go in its own way’

Bruges Group Director Robert Oulds argued the European Union was always destined to fail. During an interview with, Mr Oulds claimed the EU would likely suffer a fate similar to that of the Soviet Union. The co-author of the political book ‘Moralitis’ insisted the economics of the EU were unsustainable.

He added that when member states’ growing frustrations bubble over, more nations will follow the lead of the UK and opt-out of the union.

Mr Oulds said: “Even before the Covid crisis it was the IMF that predicted that 90 percent of global growth will come outside of the European Union.

“Other countries will realise they have been stuck in the straightjacket of the single currency.

“They will realise it has actually created massive economic harm.”

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Mr Oulds insisted the use of the single currency and membership of the European Union was ultimately detrimental to nation-states.

He added the EU would eventually go the way of the Soviet Union as he claimed it was unsustainable.

He said: “Italy, for instance, has had next to no economic growth since it joined the single currency.

“That is unsustainable, the economics of the EU simply do not work.

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“In a sense, despite the wants of political leaders, their desires become irrelevant when the economics dictate that countries come out of the EU control.

“Just how the Soviet Union collapsed, even though it was against the wishes of its leaders who wanted to keep people imprisoned in the Soviet bloc, the facts were the economics were unsustainable and it was always going to fail.

“The European Union will go the same way.”

Mr Oulds closed by reflecting on the magnitude of crisis that will lead to the crumbling of the EU.

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He said: “The question is the scale of the crisis that the EU leaves behind.

“The scale of the crisis they are creating is just the matter in question, not whether there will be one or not.

“The European Union is in a crisis and it will get worse now that they can’t rely on the British taxpayer and Britain’s growing market to keep them afloat.

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