Ex-PMs allies back Boris to replace Truss in national interest

Boris Johnson urged to consider return buy Paul Bristow

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Boris Johnson’s allies have rallied behind the former Prime Minister in the race to replace Liz Truss as Conservative Party leader. Ms Truss announced she would resign as Tory Party leader just 44 days after entering Number 10. Mr Johnson, who is currently on holiday in the Caribbean with his wife Carrie, is expected to stand in the contest and is believed to think the matter is in the “national interest”, according to the Times.

Many Tory MPs and supporters of the former Prime Minister also hope Mr Johnson will throw his hat into the ring.

A Johnson ally told Express.co.uk: “It’s the only credible solution.

“A new face means an election. It’s Boris or oblivion.”

They added: “Conservative MPs need to realise it Boris or oblivion and drop the kangaroo court of privileges committee.”

A Tory MP also suggested that Mr Johnson’s mandate from the 2019 General Election meant his return would not be “crazy”.

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They told Express.co.uk: “The party has to choose and choose quickly.

“Bringing back the guy who has a mandate in the country is not the most crazy idea.”

Another MP simply said: “He’s a winner!”

A third added: “Boris is in the country’s interest and also the party’s interest.”

Mr Johnson, who played a significant role in winning the 2016 Brexit referendum for the Vote Leave campaign, emerged victorious in two London Mayoral Elections and the last general election.

Echoing the argument that Mr Johnson has a mandate, an ally to the former Prime Minister from Number 10 said: “He has the mandate, he has the ability to connect and experience. He will feel it’s in the national interest.”

An opinion poll conducted by Opinium for ITV’s Peston programme yesterday suggested Mr Johnson was still well-supported among 2019 Conservative voters.

The survey found that 57 percent of Tory voters believed it was “wrong” for Mr Johnson to resign as Prime Minister and just 38 percent claimed it was “right”.

Ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Commons leader Penny Mordaunt are also tipped to enter the contest.

However, some Conservative MPs have suggested they would resign or even defect to Labour if Mr Johnson won the race to replace Ms Truss.

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Mr Johnson is also facing an investigation from the Privileges Committee into whether he misled Parliament over partygate.

The investigation, which is being led by a committee with a Tory majority that chose Labour’s Harriet Harman to chair it, is expected to drag on for months.

Mr Johnson was toppled by Conservative MPs in July after suffering several by-election defeats.

He was forced to tender his resignation pending a Tory leadership contest after more than 60 Ministers quit his Government.

Some MPs do not believe Mr Johnson’s return will prove electorally beneficial to the Conservative Party.

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely told Sky News: “I don’t want to go back to a few months ago where we were so whoever is going to get through I think there’s going to be quite a high threshold.”

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