F*** off! Irish activist arrested by armed British Navy for trying to board vessel – VID

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The former councillor for The People’s Convention, Diarmaid O’Cadhla, began ascending the gangway of the British naval vessel when he was stopped by armed crew members. Video footage caught the moment he asked to speak to a captain. When he was ushered off, the activist told crew members to “f*** off”.

He added: “Who is in charge of this vessel? I have a simple question.

“I have business here. She is a weapon of war in a neutral state.”

O’Cadhlawas arrested and taken to Mayfield garda station where he was charged and cautioned, Garda Martin O’Connell testified.

The charge states that on June 16 at John Horgan Quay, having been found on the curtilage of a building of the Port of Cork Authority when without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, he failed to comply with a direction from Garda O’Connell to leave immediately the vicinity of the place in a peaceful and orderly manner, contrary to the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act.

Garda O’Connell said there was no objection to bail on conditions.

“There is a ship , the HMS Enterprise, an English naval vessel, and the condition is that the accused stay away from John Horgan Quay until the next day in court.”

Frank Buttimer, solicitor for the defendant, asked: “Do we know when the ship is due to leave?”

Garda O’Connell said he understood the vessel was due to leave on Saturday, June 18.

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Mr Buttimer responded by saying, “excellent.”

Sergeant Gearóid Davis asked for the case to be adjourned until July 20 as prosecution statements were needed.

Mr Buttimer said the accused was on social welfare in the form of invalidity pension. Judge Olann Kelleher granted free legal aid.


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The video which was posted on the Facebook group, Corruption Awareness, wrote: ” Peace activist released after 20 hours in lockup, arrested for advocating dialogue in place of war.

“British and NATO Warship, HMS Enterprise, remains tied up in Cork with heavily armed British Military holding automatic rifles against the local community.”

With the video, the group added: “The People’s Papre declares for peace, British armed warships are not welcome here, neither are Russians or Americans.

“We support neutrality.”

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