Farage slaps down Insulate Britain supporter in tense climate clash Over 200 years ago!

Nigel Farage clashes with Insulate Britain supporter on GB News

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Nigel Farage has clashed with a spokesman for Insulate Britain over which countries are the most to blame for global greenhouse gas emissions. Insulate Britain spokesperson Craig Scudder was slapped down by the former Brexit Party leader on GB News over an attempt to paint Britain as the world’s most historically “guilty and culpable” polluter. 

Mr Farage told the Insulate Britain spokesman: “I understand you believe this very strongly, I respect the fact you’ve got that view, I may not agree with that view and even if I did, I’d say Craig go to China and protest because that’s where the action.

“You know as well as me we only produce one percent of global CO2, but that’s by the by.”

“Who started the industrial revolution Nigel?,” replied Mr Scudder. 

“Oh, look, I’m not going to apologise for what we did 200 years ago,” snapped the GB News host. 

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Mr Scudder continued: “Historically per capita, no one is more guilty and culpable as us.”

“We’ve got fewer volcanoes and they put out a fair bit of CO2 as well,” quipped Mr Farage. 

On Tuesday, TalkTV host Piers Morgan challenged Insulate Britain activist Liam Norton, on the campaign group’s extreme mode of protest.

The Piers Morgan Uncensored host said: “To do this kind of thing where you imperil people’s lives, or to stop a child having an education, or not being able to get around or at all mum being able to be driven around shopping, I don’t think you have the right to play God like that with people’s lives.”


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Mr Norton replied: “And I don’t believe that this is a cause. What we’re talking about is a physical reality.”

Piers raised a viral video from the scene of an Insulate Britain protest, which showed an Essex mum asking the protestors to move out of her way so she could bring her son to school.

The host said: “I understand that, what I don’t understand Liam is why you have to do the kinds of things I’ve just read out, why do you have to make that poor woman not be able to take her son to school, there are other ways to protest.

“But why is that poor son in 20 years-time going to live in a world that’s one of unimaginable horror?” replied the climate change activist. 

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Piers went on to tell the activst: “You’re missing my point. I don’t disagree with you about the dangers of being face to the world, I would support you.

“The problem I have with your tactics is you put me off supporting you, you don’t bring me to your protest. I don’t think I want to join these guys. They’re making a great point.

“I just look at this poor woman and think why have you done that to her and her kid, I look at these terrible stories of a woman left paralysed because you lot, we’re lying in front of a car. Why do that?

“There are other ways to protest.”


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