GB News: Ann Widdecombe slams ‘simplistic’ woke culture amid Tulse Hill row

Patrick Christys says young Brits 'too woke' to fight for UK

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Lambeth Borough Council have used Government money to produce a survey asking residents of Tulse Hill about a name change after the borough’s namesake, Sir Henry Tulse, a former lord mayor of London in the seventeenth century, was found to have links to slavery. Speaking on GB News, Dan Wootton called it “woke madness”, before adding: “I blame Sadiq Khan for this because he’s the one offering six figure sums to these councils to do this sort of bonkers survey.”

The Mayor of London has granted local authorities a sum of £25,000 for them to use to “decolonise” the streets.

The Conservative Party Chairman has already called it “a vanity project” while Ms Widdecombe questioned the priorities of the council and accused them of wasting Government funding on “nonsense” during a time of economic struggle.

She said: “I don’t want to hear from any of these councils that they’re short of money and that the Government should be giving them more when they are spending it on nonsense like this!

“It doesn’t just mean going out and hammering in a new name plate, it means a huge amount of administration, maps and everything else and it is so unnecessary at a time when the country is facing severe economic difficulties.”

She added: “You really wonder where their priorities are.”

She previously stated: “It is nothing short of ignorant, and yet they’re going to spend oodles of money trying to pretend this chap never existed.”

Mr Wootton described the move as “insanity” and said that this change would create a never-ending path of “wokeism”.

Ms Widdecombe agreed, saying: “I’m waiting for the day when the RSPCA says ‘we should eschew any memorials to our ancestors who were cruel to woolly mammoths!’

“We’ve got to that stupid stage. And the idea that three hundred years ago or four hundred years ago they would have the same degree of moral and empathetic development that we’ve got now is ignorant.”

Dan Wootton suggested that the correct course of action is to “embrace and learn from our history” and added that this should be “a mission statement for this conservative party”.

Ann replied: “Indeed we should learn from our history. The fact is the British Empire got some things absolutely right, were very humane, introduced medicine and education and roads and goodness knows what else.

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“Did all of that and it also did some bad things, but history is about making an impartial assessment.

“It’s not about bringing a bias to it and saying, ‘well anything that doesn’t actually tick these boxes is bad and anything that does is good’. That is totally simplistic.”

She concluded: “History is about the growth of human beings, not just the procession of events.”

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