GB News: Former aide claims Ukraine crisis would not happen under Trumps watch

Trump in power would've stopped Russia says Lowri Turner

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During a rally in South Carolina at Florence Regional Airport, the former President bragged about being “tougher on Russia” which sparked a debate on GB News on current President Joe Biden accepting Mr Trump’s help with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Presenter Mark Dolan asked Sebastian Gorka if Mr Biden should enlist Mr Trump’s help with Russia.

Mr Gorka replied: “Well, absolutely if we want the tragedy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to stop. 

“Because there’s one thing that’s for sure, this war wouldn’t have even happened if my former boss were in the white house.” 

During the rally in South Carolina, Mr Trump spoke to his supporters about the Ukraine conflict and weak leadership in the White House stating: “This could lead to WWIII. I see what’s happening, because if you think Putin’s going to stop, it’s going to get worse and worse.

“He’s not going to accept it, and we don’t have anybody to talk to him. You had somebody to talk to him with me.”

Mr Gorka, who held the Deputy Assistant position for just over seven months, noted what the Trump Administration achieved in terms of its stance on Russia: “Just a reminder of what we did when we were there: We blocked the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, we unleashed the US energy sector so that we became a net exporter of oil, which really is the only way to hurt Putin and when he was destabilising Syria with hundreds of Russian “contractors” who were actually special forces officers, we killed them.

“President Trump told the defence department: ‘Kill those Russians, destabilise the Middle East’, and in one operation more than 200 Russians were killed by the defence department.

“What did Russia do? Nothing! Vladimir Putin who is a thug, who is a murderer, was afraid of Donald Trump and Donald Trump could stop this but you know as well as I do, that this administration calling up President Trump would be an admission of their catastrophic foreign policy.”

Donald Trump’s speech at the rally reinforced these claims stating that: “Nobody was ever tougher on Russia than me.”

Mr Trump added: “The fake news said my personality is going to get us into a war…but actually, my personality is what kept us out of war.

“Russia would not have annexed one inch of Ukraine’s territory if I was in the White House. We had peace through strength because the world was calm because America was strong.”

Donald Trump called out Germany for their dependence on Russia and, Mr Gorka noted: “This is what happens when you have no leadership in the White House.

“Remember this, … he is the only President in this century not to have witnessed Russia invade a neighbour under his watch.”

Robert Fox, Defence correspondent for the Evening Standard also featured on GB News and expressed his concern for the situation in Ukraine and alluded to reports of President Putin losing all sense of reality.

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He stated: “What has been noted is that there has been a steady deterioration on Putin’s part. He is losing touch with reality…he doesn’t seem to be very good at explaining exactly why he is doing what he is doing to Ukraine.”

Mr Fox criticised the idea that Donald Trump could stop the conflict saying: “I think that even an attempt by Donald Trump to reach out to him, wouldn’t get terribly far. I think the one that most stands a chance, just a chance as things stand, is President Xi Jinping because he is Russia’s biggest client, or about to be Russia’s biggest client for oil and gas. 

“But I must say I’m very pessimistic because Putin is very bunkered at the moment, he seems to be fighting some of his own staff.

“We’d love to give diplomacy a chance, but I don’t think it’s got a hope in hell.”

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