Have Your Say: Should the UK backtrack and rejoin the EUs Single Market?

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The Liberal Democrats passed a motion at their spring conference this month for the UK to rejoin the EU Single Market for free trade, calling for Government to stabilise the UK-EU relationship and strengthen “ties of trust and friendship”.

The party described rejoining the Single Market as the “best option” for the UK economy.

They claimed that rejoining the single market would give the UK full access to the European Economic Area, reintroduce freedom of movement and finally provide a resolution to the Northern Ireland Brexit deal.

Layla Moran, the Liberal Democrats’ Europe spokesperson, cited the war in Ukraine as an illustration of why the UK and EU “cannot afford to be disunited”.

The latest figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility forecasted the UK’s break up with the bloc will continue lead to a 15 percent fall in trade.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak rebuffed the claim, saying it was “too early” to say why trade is falling and said it was “inevitable” that trade would change after leaving the EU.

So, do you think the UK should rejoin the single market? How can we get trade flowing again?


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