How about opposing Russia? Dale erupts at Stop the War Coalition over NATO swipe

Dale erupts at Stop the War Coalition over NATO attack

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Lindsey German, the founding member and convenor of the British anti-war organisation, sat down with broadcaster Iain Dale to talk about the rising tension on the Ukrainian border. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin amassed his troops on the border, causing NATO-allied troops to spring into defence mode in preparation for a possible attack. The LBC host became infuriated with Ms German, claiming that the anti-war organiser was not opposing the Russian Government as she claimed that NATO forces were inflaming the situation just as much as Russia.

Mr Dale said: “How about opposing the Russian Government for a change? No, hang on, how about you respond to my question to you.

“By saying ‘yes I do think the Russians should withdraw all their troops from the border because they’re inflaming the situation’ why can’t you bring yourself to say that?”

Ms German said: “I have absolutely no problem with saying that.

“But I don’t think the Russians are playing any more of a role in inflaming this situation than NATO is.”

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Mr Dale said: “Who started this? The Russians started this by placing all of their troops on the border.”

The Stop the War Coalition campaigner said: “The Russians have troops on their border, the Ukrainians have troops on their border, the Polish and the Baltic states have got people on their border.”

Mr Dale said: “But their defensive, they’re not threatening Russia.”

Ms German said: “Look, this idea that everything that NATO does is defensive is simply laughable if it wasn’t so serious.”

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Mr Dale added: “You think Estonia is threatening to invade Russia, do you? It’s the other way around, let me break that to you”

Ms German said: “Well NATO has been involved in wars in Afghanistan, in Libya, in Iraq. It is not a defensive alliance!”

The LBC host added: “It is a defensive alliance, it’s absolutely a defensive alliance.”

It has been reported that President Putin has sent up to 100,000 troops to the Russia-Ukraine border.

Allied NATO forces are on defence in case of a possible Russian attack. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the next few days could be the most dangerous, and urged Putin to remove his troops as tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to rise.

Mr Johnson said:  “We will consider what more we can conceivably offer.

“The Ukrainians are well prepared, there are things we’ve offered that they in fact don’t seem to need because they think they have them in enough numbers already.

“It’s possible, I don’t want to rule this out, but at the moment we think the package is the right one. But I want to stress it would be an absolute disaster if it was to come to that and if there was to be serious bloodshed on Ukrainian soil.”

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