Iain Dale skewers Lib Dem over rewriting history on Brexit hatred Couldve fooled me!

Brexit: Iain Dale skewers Lib Dem MP

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Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Olney appeared on LBC where the panel debated what was worse, politician sleaze or attempting to overthrow the Brexit result. The stinging question, submitted by a caller, fell onto Ms Olney who tried to downplay her party’s staunch opposition to Brexit which campaigned to revoke Article 50 if they won the 2019 election. But host Iain Dale did not let her off the hook easily, arguing she was “rewriting history” as he confronted her with the Lib Dem’s record on Brexit.

Appearing on LBC, Ms Olney was asked by caller Chris whether MP sleaze was more dishonourable than trying to overturn the Brexit result.

It comes as the House of Commons debates MP standards following the Owen Paterson lobbying row.

Ms Olney replied to the caller and said: “I think all I would say with that is certainly for myself what I was campaigning for was a further vote. 

“That was very clear about the terms in which the Government was proposing to leave the European Union. 

“But we can have a further vote on that and that we were asking the Government to come to the table with exactly what its plans were and be really clear with the British public what they wanted to put in place if we were leaving the European Union. 

“They failed to do that and we’re still living with the consequences.”

A sceptical Mr Dale was not convinced by Ms Olney’s version of events and stated the Liberal Democrats tried to overturn the referendum result.

He said: “That’s slightly rewriting history, well, you were campaigning under the slogan Bollocks to Brexit.

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“You and your colleagues did everything they could do in Parliament to thwart Brexit, why not be honest and admit that?”

The Lib Dem backed a motion to campaign at the 2019 General Election to revoke Article 50 without a referendum.

They also would support a second Brexit referendum with the option to remain.

YouGov also conducted a poll in 2019 which found the Lib Dems saw a surge in support because of its anti-Brexit stance.

Ms Olney tried to laugh off the attack and dismissed Mr Dale’s assessment.

The LBC presenter was heard muttering “could’ve fooled me” with Ms Olney continuing by saying at the beginning of the Lib Dem’s Brexit campaign they were trying to introduce another vote.

She argued history showed the promises from the Brexit referendum had not come to fruition and another vote was needed.

Ms Olney doubled down and said she wanted to see the UK Government present a viable plan for Brexit as part of her campaigning.

Mr Dale then delivered a sly dig towards Ms Olney, pointing out the Lib Dems lost a seat and went down to 11 during the 2019 General Election.

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