It will be a landslide Edinburgh residents throw weight behind indyref2 plans

Edinburgh residents give their opinion on Indyref2

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Scottish voters in Edinburgh have are divided over Nicola Sturgeon campaign to hold a secon vote on Scottish independance with GB News’s Davie Donaldson hearing mixed feelings. On the whole, people in Edinburgh appear in favour of a second vote but some in the Scottish capital argue that the money could be better spent elsewhere. 

A Edinburgh resident told the GB News Reporter: “I think it will be a landslide this time for yes.

“So just looking forward to that.”

Asked how an independent Scottish Government would fill a reported three and a half billion pound budget shortfall, he replied: “I think that is just propaganda, Tory propaganda.”

Elsewhere another resident told GB News: “I am an SNP supporter however I am not for indyref2.

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“Was all for Indyref1 but I think they could do with spending the money elsewhere.”

“I am all for it,” another man told Mr Donaldson. 

Asked how Scotland would pay for independence, the resident replied: “We are a rich country.”

It comes as SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon insists Scots must be permitted to have “the democratic choice they have voted for” in a second vote on independence. 

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The Scottish First Minister and SNP leader spoke out ahead of delivering a “route map” statement, setting out how she believes a referendum could be held if Westminster continues to block her plans.

The 2014 referendum, which saw voters north of the border opt to stay in the UK by 55% to 45%, took place after then prime minister David Cameron agreed a section 30 order.

But since then Conservative prime ministers have flatly rejected any suggestion that there should be another vote.

Ms Sturgeon however is insistent that the SNP’s victory in the 2021 Holyrood elections gives her a mandate for another referendum, and has said she wants this to take place before the end of 2023.

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Speaking ahead of her statement to Holyrood, the First Minister added: “In Scotland, it is the people who are and have always been sovereign – and it is the people’s will which must prevail.

“That may be an inconvenient truth for our political opponents, but it is a simple and unavoidable truth nonetheless.”

She argued that continued attempts to “block that democratic will only weaken the UK Government’s standing, here and internationally”.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Bluntly, the UK Government is in no position to lecture any other country about the need to respect democratic norms if it is intent on trying to thwart democracy at home.”

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