Jon Sopel issues grovelling apology to Nigel Farage over tweet about bank row

Nigel Farage accuses Coutts of lying over bank closure

Jon Sopel has apologised to Nigel Farage after dismissing his claims about his bank account being shut for political reasons.

Mr Sopel earlier this month said the Brexit architect “must feel like a bit of a Charlie” after the BBC reported that he was cut off by Coutts because he was below the wealth limit.

But the former Ukip and Brexit Party leader this week unveiled documents showing the prestigious private bank closed his account because his views “do not align with our values”.

Mr Sopel said today: “Dear Nigel, always believed when I get things wrong, I own up to it. I got it wrong. Sorry. That will teach me to trust reporting of my old employer.

“If your political views were even part of the reason why account was suspended from Coutts that is totally reprehensible. Jon.”

 BBC’s North America editor;

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Mr Farage had demanded an apology from the ex-BBC journalist over his original tweet.

Mr Sopel said on July 4: “You must feel a bit of a Charlie if you’re Nigel Farage, and you claim that it’s all an establishment stitch-up that your account’s been closed when it’s just you’re not rich enough for Coutt’s.

“Am thinking of starting a ‘go fund me’ page for Nige to get him his account back.”

A triumphant Mr Farage responded yesterday: “Hi Jon. Who is the Charlie now? Looks like it’s you for swallowing the Coutts PR spin. I look forward to your apology.”

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In a further tweet before the ex-BBC North America editor apologised, the GB News presenter added: “Anybody heard from Jon Sopel? He’s gone awfully quiet about this.”

Mr Farage last month went public about his bank account being shut which he claimed was politically motivated.

The BBC later suggested the politician-turned-broadcaster fell below the financial threshold needed to hold an account with the bank for the wealthy, which is owned by NatWest.

But this week Mr Farage obtained a 40-page dossier from Coutts, using a subject access request, to gain information about the decision.

The report mentioned his comments about Brexit, his friendship with former US president Donald Trump and tennis star Novak Djokovic, and a perception that he was regarded as “racist and xenophobic”.

The closure of Mr Farage’s account has sparked outrage among politicians including the Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak said “this is wrong” and that “no one should be barred from using basic services for their political views”.

The Government is considering making new laws to stop banks closing customers’ accounts because they disagree with their political views.

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