‘Just gaga’ Joe Biden condemned by Tory MPs amid Afghan debacle – ‘Doesnt have a grip’

Joe Biden 'makes Chamberlain look like Churchill' says host

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Tory MPs have lashed out at the American President after Washington decided to reject demands to extend the stay of US forces in Afghanistan. On Tuesday, Joe Biden, 78, said: “The sooner we can finish, the better.

“Each day of operations brings added risk to our troops.”

The decision taken by the Oval Office has angered many Conservative MPs on this side of the Atlantic.

Andrew Bridgen, the Brexit-backing MP for North West Leicestershire, told GB News: “NATO is going to be seen as weak, we are going to have more trouble with Russia, more trouble with China.

“This could be a very, very expensive mistake by Joe Biden, I think we’re all going to live to regret this.

“The world has become a much more dangerous place because of his actions, unilateral actions in Afghanistan.”

Mr Bridgen was joined by a host of other MPs who also shared his concerns.

Bob Seely, MP for the Isle of Wight, told the MailOnline: “You have got to question Trump’s moral fitness for the role, but you have got to address Biden’s intellectual fitness and health fitness for the role.”

The ex-Army man added: “I’m sorry, he is just gaga… he doesn’t have a grip. How many slip ups before people think, yep, he can’t do the job”

Iain Duncan Smith, the former leader of the Conservative Party and ex-Lieutenant in the Scots Guards, seemed to implicitly criticise the 46th President on social media.

The MP for Chingford and Wood Green shared an article from The Telegraph and quoted segments of the piece.

His tweet read: “There’s a disconnect between what he [Mr Biden] is telling leaders, and the public, and what’s happening.

“Joe Biden’s betrayal: Allies can never trust this president again.”

For other Conservative MPs, the impact of Biden’s withdrawal could be even more profound.

One MP told The Guardian: “UK-US relations are about to enter their lowest point since Suez.

“The special relationship is very, very damaged.”

Even a minister reportedly told The Guardian: “Biden’s America seems to have chosen to back off just when it was obvious only they could step us.”

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These Tory MPs join an ever-increasing list of members of the House of Commons who have come out to criticise the US President.

Last week, Sammy Wilson, an MP from the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, said: “Joe Biden is the most dangerous President in the history of the United States of America.

“He has abandoned the Afghan people and his allies.

“His stupidity will have repercussions for us all.”

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