Lindsay Hoyle erupts at SNP COVID-19 violation -‘How could somebody put us at risk?’ VIDEO

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The Speaker of the House of Commons denounced the behaviour of Ms Ferrier after she entered Parliament without waiting for the results of a coronavirus test she had taken. Sir Lindsay Hoyle stated this behaviour cannot be allowed to happen again and as a result he will go over the rules surrounding the required conduct with MPs on Monday.  

Sir Lindsay Hoyle said: “We have got to learn from this and of course we will be going back over this on Monday.

“How could somebody put us at risk? We cannot allow that.

“The fact is we have advised people what to do, how to behave, if you show symptoms please stay away, if you do need a test get a test but whatever you do not come into the House of Commons.  

“That message is loud and clear and we have got to keep getting that message out.

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“What I cannot allow is for somebody who feels ill, goes and has a test, does not wait for the result turns up in Parliament, then get a result saying your positive and disappear.

“Worse than that, to not be told until Wednesday is not acceptable.

“We were hearing different stories and messages that made it even more difficult for us to deal with.”

He continued: “So of course we will be going over this over and over again.

“I believe we have the right measures in place but what we cannot do is sit on our laurels.

“I have had staff working through the night on this and they should not have been put in this position.”

On Friday afternoon, Nicola Sturgeon called for Ms Ferrier to resign as an MP during her coronavirus press briefing.

Scotland’s First Minister said: “The SNP whip has been withdrawn from Margaret, and that is the most serious sanction a party can impose on an elected representative.

“I’ve also spoken to her directly and made crystal clear to her that I think she should now resign as an MP.

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On Thursday it was revealed that Margaret Ferrier took part in a House of Commons debate on Monday while having coronavirus.

The Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP experienced mild symptoms on Saturday and took a COVID-19 test before travelling to Westminster instead of self-isolating.

Following her participation in Monday’s debate, Ms Ferrier received a positive result for coronavirus.

On Tuesday the Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP then travelled back to her home from Westminster on a train despite being aware that she had coronavirus. 

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