Liz Truss gearing up to write book as MP continues to push tax cuts

Liz Truss on ‘new economic model’ taking hold in UK and US

Liz Truss is reportedly writing a book, despite serving just 49 days in office. The former Prime Minister is understood to have been in touch with publishers about the book. But one insider told Politico that the book will be “more manifesto than autobiography”.

Another said it is likely to be an “ideological polemic”.

This comes soon after journalists Harry Cole and James Heale published a book documenting Ms Truss’ rise and fall in politics.

The MP for South West Norfolk became the shortest-serving Prime Minister in October after serving in Downing Street for just six weeks.

She resigned after her disastrous mini-budget caused chaos in the markets.

But in spite of her short term in office, Ms Truss has remained engaged in politics and continues to push a tax cutting agenda.

Ahead of Jeremy Hunt’s March Budget, the pro-growth MP called for a swathe of tax cuts in order to boost the UK economy.

In a 4,000 word article in the telegraph Ms Truss defended her brief record in government and her low tax philosophy.

She blamed her downfall on a “concerted effort by international actors to challenge our plan for growth”.

Concluding, she said: “I am not claiming to be blameless in what happened, but fundamentally I was not given a realistic chance to enact my policies by a very powerful economic establishment, coupled with a lack of political support.

“Similarly, I underestimated the resistance inside the Conservative parliamentary party to move to a lower-tax, less-regulated economy.”

Later, Ms Truss joined former PM Boris Johnson in a rebellion on Rishi Sunak’s Windsor framework, with her spokesperson announcing she would be voting against the deal.

A spokesman for Ms Truss said: “After examining the detail of the Stormont Brake and Windsor Framework, Liz has decided to vote against the Statutory Instrument this afternoon.”

The former PM recently announced she will be standing as an MP again at the next election.

And two weeks ago, the former PM gave a speech in Washington in which she urged the Prime Minister to “get real” about China.

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