Lord Heseltine was humiliated on Brexit by a former Australian Prime Minister

Brexit: Lord Heseltine rages over ‘pack of lies’

Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine was “made to look silly” at a dinner to mark the 200th anniversary of the Oxford Union after his rant against Brexit provoked a humourous response from another guest of honour.

Lord Heseltine, a graduate of Oxford University and former President of the Oxford Union, gave the main speech celebrating the illustrious anniversary.

The speech went down well but ended with what one guest described to Express.co.uk as “Hezza’s typical pompous Remoaner rant against Brexit and Brexiteers”.

The former Deputy Prime Minister, who played a significant role in the People’s Vote campaign to reverse the EU referendum result, has refused to let go of the topic even after the UK ended Brussels rule.

Historically, it was his love of the EU which pushed him to stand against Margaret Thatcher in the leadership contest and force her downfall although Sir John Major beat him to become Prime Minister.

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The Tory peer was known as Tarzan in his days as an MP and minister because of his flowing wild looking hair.

But he had to endure a verbal swing from former Prime Minister Tony Abbott who followed him with a vote of thanks.

Abbott, a supporter of Brexit, believes that leaving the EU has helped renew the Commonwealth and turn Britain into a global nation again.

He wrote about his intervention at the dinner in an article for the Spectator Australia.

He said: “Heseltine gave a fine speech, except for his final instruction to the young people present to lead Britain back into the EU.

“My role was to propose the toast: ‘To the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth – closer than in decades,’ I added, ‘thanks to Brexit’. Cheeky, but I think I got away with it!”

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Mr Abbott recounted the event in a piece about how the claims that Brexit has broken Britain are “a myth”.

He said: “After successfully bringing into being the Australia-Britain trade deal (building on Liz Truss’ good work) Badenoch’s next challenge is to seal a deal with India, the world’s fastest-growing large economy and the essential strategic counter-weight to communist China, and to bed down Britain’s accession to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“The fact that the world’s best free-trading partnership has welcomed in ‘Global Britain’ speaks volumes for its standing in the world.”

He went on: “So much for the self-flagellating tosh about Britain being ‘racist’.

“In fact, modern Britain, like the rest of the Anglosphere, is almost completely colour-blind, as you’d expect in the country that has given the world its common language, the mother of parliaments, the industrial revolution and the emancipation of minorities, and whose Royal Navy ended the trans-Atlantic slave trade.”

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