Lot of trouble on the backbenches for Truss after Cabinet clear out

Truss may see ‘trouble on the backbencher’ says Henry Hill

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Mr Hill claimed the new Prime Minister’s decision, not to place Rishi Sunak supporters in her Cabinet was a strange one. He also discussed the Prime Minister’s choice to have a Cabinet full of politicians that were loyal to her, and how it would only make her strong in the short term. Mr Hill explained to Eamonn Holmes that in the long-term Ms Truss will have a lot of problems on the backbenches in Parliament, due to her decision-making.

Mr Holmes said: “What is your view as a Conservative, what is your view on the fact that it is a loyalist Cabinet? and that there was no attempt to bring the Rishi Sunak camp onboard?”

Mr Hill told GB News: “I think it’s a slightly strange decision, given the state of the polling there is certainly not going to be an early election.

“Because in normal circumstances somebody like Liz Truss would want an early election in order to win their own mandate.

“And it would make sense to select a Cabinet, a Cabinet of loyalists who make you strong in the short term.

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Mr Holmes added: “Then you have an early election to win your own mandate, given that the Tories are 15 points behind in the polls we’re not going to have an early election.

“And so therefore what she has done is in the very short term she has a Cabinet that is going to be singing from her hymn sheet.

“But in the medium to long term, there are going to be a lot of people who are resentful about being passed over, or resentful for being kicked out of office.

“On top of her ideological enemies, at the moment things start going wrong for her she’s going to have a lot of trouble on the backbenches.”

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Boris tipped to ‘cause trouble for his successor’

The new Prime Minister’s choice to reshuffle the Cabinet and appoint Conservative politicians who were backing her has come as a surprise to some.

Runner-up in the leadership contest Rishi Sunak has seen all of his allies sacked by Ms Truss since she entered Number 10.

Some political experts have also claimed the Prime Minister’s new Cabinet will not bode well in the future.

Lord William Hague discussed whether Boris Johnson would make some sort of return.


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Lord William Hague told Times Radio: “I think he will cause trouble for his successors, for his immediate successor Liz Truss. 

“At the moment he says he will back her up but he will cause trouble after time. He will still be knocking around in politics.”

Discussing whether Mr Johnson stood a chance at becoming Prime Minister again, Lord Hague added: “A second act as Prime Minister is very rare in history but there are some cases.

“There’s Harold Wilson in our own lifetime, William Pitt and Winston Churchill – it does happen but I don’t see it happening in this case.”


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